And then you have to measure the length of the sides of each square, because you have to separate into three equal parts. For example, a square with sides measuring 48 cm, divided into three, 16 cm gives each. Mark the points on the left side and top side of the square to show these divisions. Next, create a line that would link each point to the bottom right corner of each square. Your numbers should now appear as six triangles in a large rectangle with square next to them. Finally, draw a line of line in the middle of a long side of the rectangle and create two squares.


Now you are ready for cutting, bending and assembling, in order to design your own kingaluc Modeling & Customized ACP Panel cooker. For starters, take a box that has a shock absorber 2 squares described. Cut the lower left side of the square so that it is no longer connected to the 6 triangles. Then the other lines are composed. It is recommended to connect the aluminum foil to the inner panels. You will need 50/50 glue solution and white water to achieve this. Then you can build the kingaluc Modeling & Customized ACP Panel during drying. Using the paper ribbon, connect one side of a large rectangular flap square of the second panel.

 Moldeling Sign Board 002

Replicate process for improvised parties just when the band just the top half of the small square on the side of the large square of the second kingaluc Modeling & Customized ACP Panel. And the 10 cm scale on the side closest to the place of the flap and fix its underside.